A Remedy for Dullness

Hebrews 5 and 6 was on the menu last week; here’s a recap of some places our conversation went:

We need to understand that 1) Christ as our perfect priest deals gently with us when we are ignorant and when we are going astray and 2) that if we are to imitate Christ, we must do the same for others. (Hebrews 5:1-2)

Christ has compassion for both kinds of sin, whether it is rooted in ignorance or waywardness. An ignorant person is simply unaware or uniformed; a wayward person has heard the truth and chosen a different path. Either way, the priest is to deal with them gently.

How often do we throw stones at both the ignorant and the wayward? How often do we deny grace to others that Christ would give openly, having been subject to the same weakness that we are? We often mock the ignorance of others, when God sees it as a starting point from which to lead them into relationship with Himself.

Hebrews 6:12 focuses on something very interesting. How we treat others directly affects whether we are spiritually dull and indifferent. If you’re feeling spiritually dull, go do something selfless. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and step outside of your comfort zone. We were made to give the gift of life to a dying world. Nothing will energize your walk with the Lord like being Him to someone in need.



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