What God did at the Hillsong United concert

Hillsong United concert Greenville, SC, Tuesday, August 11, 2011

A snap from Joel's camera at the Hillsong United concert.

I asked some of the peeps from our group who went to the Hillsong United concert on Tuesday to share what God did in their lives that night. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Nick Hammett Nick Hammett

Last night as I was in worship I was reminded that the atmosphere that was present could be anywhere and any time. The music makes the moment unforgettable, but the fact that the very same God is present in my room during worship amazes me. I have received a new attitude toward my God time.

Kirstie Wortkoetter Kirstie Wortkoetter

I heard Him say that He was proud of me…It was such a distinct, loving but powerful tone. The presence was incredible and I’ve never felt so much love for God in one room before. It was amazing. I feel like I grew closer to God in that too.

TJ Deluccia TJ Deluccia

I felt God called me out last night. Saying I had been closer to him in the past and wanted to call me closer to him again. Not that he was dissapointed in me, nor was it a feeling of condemnation, it was a “hey where have you been lately”. I also felt that this is what Heaven was going to feel like while we were singing “with everything” with that many peope in one voice praising God. I never wanted to leave that moment.

Karley Brannon Karley Brannon

I agree with you TJ. I never wanted to leave the moment of singing “With Everything” either. I did feel like that’s how it’s going to be in Heaven and it’s an amazing feeling. It will be even more amazing in Heaven though! Our God is incredible!

Joel Hobgood Joel Hobgood

For me there were a couple of things God really impressed upon my heart last night. there was a moment towards the middle of worship when Joel was speaking between songs that i looked out over all of the people present. in my quiet time God has been revealing to me the condition of my heart that i never knew was there and have at times struggled with thoughts like “how did i not see this before?” or “how did i even get here in the first place?” my natural reaction has been to at times think that my condition test the limits of God’s grace. but last night as i was looking out on everyone there and listening in and out of what Joel was saying, God was speaking to my heart that He was extending an invitation to each and every person in that room to encounter Him. where their hearts were at in that moment didn’t cause His hand to extend farther in love or pull back in regret, but His invitation remained the same: “come and dwell with Me.” at times it’s easy to think we alone can somehow overwhelm the grace of God, but His grace is so expansive, so deep and so unfathomable that when we reach out and accept that invitation to dwell with Him, we find that actually His grace is overwhelming us. and that’s when they started leading with Mighty To Save.

More to come next week at Elevate! It was an incredible night.



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